Professional Technology Coaching is about you reaching your goals using technology and not the other way around! Are you a busy person who, by the nature of your life, is beset with technology you suspect could make you more productive, but instead is just an albatross around your neck?

The internet and associated technologies provide a lot of power. Most people and businesses use it to achieve their goals, but are they using it to full effect? Are they doing so securely? Is that possible?

Efficiency, usability and security are a tough set of requirements to manage effectively. New technologies and services spring up every day.

  • Are you getting the most out of the tools you use today? 
  • What tools are you missing? 
  • How can you organize those tools to work for you instead of you working for them?

Here's a simple example of how a coach could help. What is "cloud" storage? You may have heard of Google Drive, SkyDrive, Dropbox or <insert your cloud storage option of choice here>. Are they equally secure? Which one fits better into your digital lifestyle?

If you set out all your devices on your desk, would it resemble the picture below?  Now think about all the various applications you use on these devices in your professional and personal life.

Some questions to ponder are listed below the picture.

Typical Tech Tools to Tame

Productivity Questions

  • Are you in charge of your technology or does tech run you?
  • Does the tech make you more productive or just confuse you and / or get in the way?
  • Do you suspect this same tech could make you more productive?
  • Does your productivity drop sharply as soon as you leave your main "work" PC?

Security Questions

  • Are concerns about tech security holding you back from attempting to be more productive?
  • Wonder which of the tools to do the same thing are the more secure to use? For example, Google Drive or SkyDrive or Dropbox or <insert your cloud storage option of choice here>? Are they equally secure? Which one fits better into my digital lifestyle?
  • Do you believe in “good enough”, practical security or believe complete security is necessary to move forward?
  • Have any idea as to what constitutes “good enough”, practical security in real life practice?

Organization Questions

  • Do the above questions likely apply to your employees, colleagues, partners, etc.?
  • Could your business benefit from higher productivity and better security? (Apologies for the rhetorical question.)

Fun Questions

  • Does it seem like most folks around you are having fun with their technology and you don't see how?

If these questions resonate with your relationship to the technology in your life and business, then you're at the right place to get some help! 

How to tame and properly use social media, mobile devices, PCs, office or home networking all fall into those areas where a little coaching can go a long way. Helping you and / or your organization answer these questions and stay abreast of developments over time is what Pro Tech Coach is all about. 

For now, this site will provide information via blog posts here, delivered to social media sites and email newsletter. Over time other services will be added so keep an eye out for those as they are announced! 

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