Game Plan #4: Priority Inbox, Identify Priority Targets!

In this 4th installment on Gmail we're going to look at the wonderment that is the Priority Inbox!

The Priority Inbox allows you to sort your inbox into two, three or four levels of prioritization. The default when you first set it up is into three tiers:

  1. Important and unread emails: Just like it sounds, unread emails that are marked as important are in this top priority tier. They may also be Starred or not.
  2. Starred: This contains emails that are Starred, but aren't marked important. Both read and unread emails that are starred will be in this second tier.
  3. Empty: This is an additional tier you can configure as you wish, but is left empty by default.
  4. Everything else: Read or unread emails that don't fit any of the above requirements.

As we discussed in the first in this series, Understand the playing field if you want to dominate, archived emails by definition do not show up in the inbox, Priority or otherwise.

The Priority Inbox gives you a great way to prioritize your inbox so the most important content rises to the top for immediate attention. 

To see how to set this up and the options you have, watch the video!