Game Plan #3: Filters, Automated Play Calling

In this third in a series on using Gmail, we're going to talk about Filters.

2 Taking the field with Gmail #3- Filters.png

This builds directly on Game Plan #2: Labels. Labels are great for organizing your emails, but you sure don't want to have to label each and every email as you read them! No worries, with filters you can automate this process such that as emails come in, they get the appropriate label applied for you.

The video walks you through 4 scenarios using our fictional email user, Jain Smythe:

  1. Filtering a single sender's emails to be marked with a label.
  2. Filtering all emails from a domain with a label. This example uses the fact Jain works for Hahleq Associates. Consequently, she wants all emails that end in the domain, to have the Work label applied. Jain also sets the filter such these emails additionally get marked Important. 
  3. Filtering emails from different senders with different domains in one step to get the same label. In this example there are 3 different "daily deal" senders. Jain wants them all to get labelled as Deals. No problem!
    • Additionally, Jain wants to have these emails bypass her inbox and not distract her with clutter during the work day. So we demonstrate how she can set the filter to have these daily deal emails get labelled, but skip her inbox, but provide her a visible clue that she has deals awaiting her attention when she pleases.
  4. Filtering emails from a particular sender as Important.

Filters combined with Labels are a powerful tool in maintaining email sanity. Getting crushed by the rush of email? Filters are the automated play to call to keep you on your feet!