I approached this content in a typical sports coach analogy of Taking the Field with Gmail.

The idea is take some simple, but powerful configuration steps in taming the opponent, Email Overload!

Four simple lessons with videos walking you through the why, then the how of bringing email under control using Gmail to do your bidding. Increase productivity, lower distractions and be able to quickly identify and deal with with is important first!

Listed below are the links to the 4 pages that put together your Game Plan along with the videos if you want to dive right in without reading the introductory pages.

#1: Understand the playing field if you want to dominate!

Top level understanding of the two main Gmail "bins" into which all email is first divided. All Mail & Spam.


#2: Hit Labels Hard

Labels are similar to and superior to Folders used in other email programs. Organize your emails into groups for easy reference.


#3: Filters, Automated Play Calling!

Filters are a powerful way to deal with emails in an automated manner as they come in. Particularly highlighted are how to apply labels covered previously and mark important emails as well, Important.


#4: Priority Inbox, Identify Priority Targets!

Priority Inbox is a powerful tool to help put the most important emails together and at the top of your email queue for review. Combined with Labels and Filters, your email self organizes to the way you work.