Web page reading tip: Evernote Clearly

Web page clutter messing with your reading and comprehension ability?

There's a great solution I'd like to point you to: Evernote Clearly.

I particularly use the Clearly extension when reading web pages from my comfy chair in front of my main TV. Sure it is a 52" TV, but I'm quite a long way from it for reading. Some pages are merely annoying to read from that distance and others are impossible. Clearly allows me to get at the content without bugging my eyes out of their sockets  to read too small print or having to wear or a welder's helmet to shield my eyes from the annoying, surrounding nonsense.

See it in action in this video.

Download Clearly for your browser of choice.

Chromecast Review

Chromecast Review

Chromecast is a nifty little device that allows you to use your favorite Android, iOS, Windows or Apple device in conjunction with your TV. Consider this scenario: You are sitting on the couch with your tablet in hand. You decide you want to watch NetFlix or Youtube or any of an increasing number of applications. You realize that the show would be much more enjoyable on the larger TV screen in front of you. No problem! Click the Chromecast icon in your app and choose to view on the Chromecast of your choice, after all, at just $29.99 from Amazon, there's no reason not to have one on multiple TVs in your house. Your mobile device then becomes a remote control for the video. You can pause, fast forward, change volume and of course move to any other video of your choice.

Setup is simple and straightforward, though the list below may seem long, I accomplished my initial install and setup in about 10 minutes.

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