... Looks good on you though!

As I posted yesterday, I am now pushing ProTechCoach and some personal stuff to Pinterest.

OK, but how's that tie into this post's title?

My thoughts on Pinterest put me in mind of a great bit in the movie Caddyshack. Watch this short clip.

Like Rodney Dangerfield, I'm not a fan of Pinterest for my own use, but since

  • A lot of people do like it, and
  • Since I want to reach as many people as possible with ProTechCoach content,

I am going to publish there cuz "it works good for some of you!"

Pinterest is seen as a women's only location and to me this makes sense. Why?

To me, Pinterest is the window shopping social site of choice. Stereotypically, women prefer to window shop more than men. The thing about stereotypes, they arise because they are generally true! In my experience men go shopping to buy something directly. For women part of the joy of shopping is in the browsing.

I'd love to hear if you use Pinterest or not. If you do, please pin the boards of interest and share with your Pinterested friends!

Social Managers, how's your security?

Apologies for not keeping a post-a-day pace for the next week or two!

Thought I'd pass along this blog post from the fine folks at LastPass while I try to get back in the groove on my end. Lots going on simultaneously with your ProTechCoach, so my apologies if I can't quite keep up a post-a-day pace as I'd like. 

Some thoughts to prompt you to take the LastPass tips seriously:

  • To what level of security risk do you expose your clients in your security practices? Or would they be better characterized as mal-practices?
  • If an attacker hacks one account you control, at how many others could the attacker reuse those same credentials?
  • Can the attacker then lock you out of your and their accounts?
  • What value do your clients place on their reputation and how upset would they be to have it damaged?


Need Digital Life Direction?

Need Digital Life Direction?

This article is for anyone who uses really just about anything on the internet, but specifically for those who are increasingly finding it difficult to manage all their resources. Email. multiple social networks, desktops, laptops, phones and other mobile devices, texting, voice-mail, document sharing, web sites, etc. With recent, Web 2.0-type functionality and increasing focus on making things simpler, any given site or service is generally pretty easy to use, but how to use them together? How to tame the tangle of our digital lives?


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