Adding 2-Factor Authentication to LastPass

Another installment of "Turn on 2-Factor Authentication".  This time with LastPass. I strongly recommend you turn on 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) wherever you can.

Remember my Security Concept #2: Being insecure is easier than being secure. Don't take the easy road as it can lead to true disaster. A little work up front of setting up 2FA and using it gets you enough security gain to offset the effort. Is it a perfect security solution? No, See Security Concepts 1, 4 & 5

As mentioned in this video, I use Google Authenticator on my Android phone for every service that offers it. I definitely prioritize one service over another based on whether any of them provides for 2-factor authentication of one type or another.

Below are the screenshots of what I did on my phone with Google Authenticator during the video above. Yes, I masked out account details not pertinent to the demo for my own security <grin>.