Back from Turkey & Greece trip!

Me and my father on the isle of Patmos. No, not a "footstep" of Paul, but quite moving to be where John wrote "The Revelation of Jesus Christ".

I spent the last two weeks travelling historical sites in Turkey and Greece with my wife and father. We went as part of Vision Forum's Faith & Freedom Tour: In The Footsteps of Paul. I'd like to thank all the fine folks at Vision Forum for their work in making this trip possible and fantastic. A particularly huge shout out to Kevin Turley for his tireless service before and during the entire trip. I hope you get a good rest up before managing the next excursion!

Touring this area of the world and seeing the locations where Paul carried the gospel of Jesus Christ to the ancient world with my father has been a long standing dream of mine. Here are some pictures of me and my dad during our trip. 

Fear not! I won't turn this site into a travel blog. If you want to see more about my trip, come on over and follow me on Google+ if you aren't already.