Less is more when choosing digital ecosystems!

Good article to review and ponder how you're organizing your digital life.

How to Survive the Next Wave of Technology Extinction

Here's a couple thoughts:

The author highlights five behemoths, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Nice that he ordered them alphabetically to not show favoritism. Me, I'd drop Amazon and Facebook off the list entirely. Why? One word... Email. Still the killer app to which all else in a real ecosystem must tie without being on the website or running a site-specific app.

What about Yahoo? Interesting that Yahoo isn't on his list and without them having an iCloud, Google Docs, SkyDrive type component, I guess I can't argue for them as a good ecosystem either. Too bad, I remember when Yahoo used to be somebody.

Picking a digital ecosystem is important. Having as few ecosystems as possible is better than more. Why? It is easier to properly secure less points of attack than more. Consequently, those ecosystems that provide the broadest range of utility are better than those that require yet more utilities to satisfy your digital lifestyle needs.

I disagree with the prioritization of iOS over Android if you're going to recommend Google services. iOS is great hardware, obviously, but iOS is no longer superior in any way to Android. More apps? Some apps come out for iOS before Android? Perhaps, but per my first point, fewer ecosystems, hence apps is better for productive and secure use. If you are a hardcore Apple user with a Mac and use Apple specific apps, then you're already disregarding Google services, so iOS at that point makes perfect sense.

I completely agree that Amazon is the way to go for media. Books, movies, TV shows, with these last two tied into Amazon Prime for free shipping. No brainer.

Given how Amazon purposely breaks your ability to fully use Google services on their Kindle Fire line of tablets, steer clear. I've been very disappointed in how many things family members who have the Fire, one of which I bought for them, can't do with their device. Save a little more money and spring for the Nexus 10 or 7 to get ALL the power of Google with pure Android.

DrobBox and Evernote are great apps, but again I'd argue that you can get the same utility of these services without adding them to Apple, Google or Microsoft ecosystems.

I'm very interested in other's thoughts, even fanboys! :-)

Got a WiFi Router? Got Rage?

Got a WiFi Router? Got Rage?

I've really learned to hate wifi! Sure it allows me to use the internet all over the house without running wires through the walls, but it has to be the most frustrating part of my computing infrastructure! Some days all works great everywhere, other days I can connect, but have terrible throughput. Wait an hour and things get either better or worse and I haven't moved!


Read on for how even an ostensibly ProTechChoach suffers the vagaries of techno gremlins!

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Chromecast Review

Chromecast Review

Chromecast is a nifty little device that allows you to use your favorite Android, iOS, Windows or Apple device in conjunction with your TV. Consider this scenario: You are sitting on the couch with your tablet in hand. You decide you want to watch NetFlix or Youtube or any of an increasing number of applications. You realize that the show would be much more enjoyable on the larger TV screen in front of you. No problem! Click the Chromecast icon in your app and choose to view on the Chromecast of your choice, after all, at just $29.99 from Amazon, there's no reason not to have one on multiple TVs in your house. Your mobile device then becomes a remote control for the video. You can pause, fast forward, change volume and of course move to any other video of your choice.

Setup is simple and straightforward, though the list below may seem long, I accomplished my initial install and setup in about 10 minutes.

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