Taking the field with Gmail #1: Understand the playing field if you want to dominate!

Game Plan #1: Understand the playing field if you want to dominate

I’ve been getting some basic questions recently on using Gmail, so this is the first in a series I’m calling “Taking the field with Gmail”. As when mapping out any game strategy it is important to understand the field on which you play. Without that, the further you get into the advanced bits of the game, the easier it is to get confused and drop the ball.

Gmail is easy to use, why does it need so much attention? If you only deal with a couple personal emails a day, then you're right. You can simply read and reply to emails as they come in and leave them hanging out in your inbox.

If however, you are dealing with even as few as a dozen emails a day that are across various aspects of your life such as: family, work, school, church, social networks, online shopping shipping tracking and receipts, etc., etc.; now you've got a challenge! To put it in cold technical terms, you have a data management problem. Fortunately, sifting, managing, storing and searching massive amounts of data is something Google is extremely good at!

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