Taking the field with Gmail #2: Hit Labels Hard!

Game Plan #2: Hit Labels Hard!

In this second in a series on using Gmail, we're going to talk about Labels.

Labels are Google's answer to Folders in other email programs. They are more flexible and efficient to use than Folders. You can apply one or more Labels to an email in seconds to effectively organize your emails. They then are easy to see by clicking on a Label in Gmail and to also visually identify in a long list of emails! I show how to create and apply Labels in this video.

I also spend some time showing how to turn off Category tabs. I am not a fan and think they are completely unnecessary vs. using Labels. I reference this article in the video on what I view as the horror of trying to use Categories and Labels together! Use one or the other, but not both... wait, no, dump Categories and embrace the power of the Label, Luke!

Sorry this video is a bit longer than I'd like, but I wanted to cover a fair bit of ground so if it takes 15 minutes, that's what it takes. It could be 15 minutes that will save you hours and leave you with more hair this year!

In the next installment on Gmail, I'll cover Filters, now that we have Labels out of the way. Filters work with Labels powerfully so you can automatically apply Labels to emails as they come in. After that... the awesomeness of Priority Inbox!