Your browser vertically challenged?

I played basketball competitively in high school and intramural basketball at The Ohio State University. I'm a mere 6' 1" and not a powerful jumper. I played forward and for those of you that know basketball, you well understand that I was vertically challenged. Ah, if I'd been 6' 6"! Even 6' 4" would have been a tremendous help.

You probably never thought of browsers being vertically challenged, but each of them have subtle differences. 

Yes, this and the other posts in this series are diving into what may seem like seriously, "who cares" minutiae, but the little things matter. My basketball coaches certainly thought so. If you want to be your best and utilize your talents, in this case your tools, to the best effect, paying attention to details pays off with you having more "game".

See a side by side comparison of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer in this video.