Taskbar, ya don't have to go home, but ya can't stay here!

Yeah, I know it sounds silly, but I'm always fighting to keep as much vertical usable space on my wide screen monitors as possible. I'm also always in search of ways to reduce on-screen distractions and increase my productivity.

Two pro tips:

  1. Set the taskbar to auto-hide. Put your mouse to the bottom of the screen and it pops up for use, but is out of sight otherwise. It gives you some vertical room back to view your apps using the entire screen top to bottom.
  2. Move the taskbar to the side. Me, I like it on the left side, but you can put it on the right as well. Hey, that screen is crazy wide, I'd rather have that bar over where I have all kinds of extra room. Combine this with auto-hide and voila! 

Check out the video to see how to perform either or both of these tips and give it a try. If you're like others that I've shown how to do this, you'll love it.

There's so much more to do to make the taskbar more efficient and increase your productivity, but we'll leave that to another day.