PC Purchase Tip You May Not Have Considered

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As the sun sets on another week, here's something to bear in mind as you contemplate new PC purchases in 2014.

There are tons of sites and shopping resources you can access to get advice on what PC is right for you. What to buy is not the purpose of this post. 

One thing I've seen happen to many people is that when they purchase a new PC they overlook getting the operating system for the system included in physical media. In other words, be sure you get a physical disk of the full operating system with your PC. It may cost another $10 - $20, but do it. 

This will help when you decide to reinstall the operating system as discussed in yesterday's post: New Year's PC Cleanup.

Keep the physical media with the license key somewhere safe. Beyond a full reinstall, you may need it to repair a misbehaving installation, etc. and if you have the official media (i.e. Microsoft Windows disk vs. say, a Dell or HP Reinstall disc) you can install without all the bloatware those folks like to add into "their" version of Windows.