Security Concept 5 (of 5)

Concept 5: If someone wants to "get" you, they will. 

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This is the most difficult reality that most never want to consider. Having worked in the area of IT (Info Tech) security for over 20 years and especially working in selling internet security products, I've been in hundreds of meetings where security discussions dive down the "make us perfectly secure" rabbit-hole. The best way to stop such madness inducing explorations is to point out that all security eventually comes down to physical security. How's that? Someone, be it a crazed junkie or an officer of the law comes up and puts a gun to your head and demands you give up your access credentials, be they physical or virtual keys. What are you going to do? All the firewalls, anti-virus, VPNs, strong passwords, one-time password tokens, fingerprint readers, crypto smart-cards, retina scanners, etc. come down to whether you value the compromise of what those keys protect more than you value your life.

Notice how Concept 5 brings us back around to Concept 1? 

So is there any hope for being secure on the internet? Yes, within the constraints of the realities listed above. Hopefully, at this point it is obvious it is as possible in the virtual world as it is in the real world.

One of ProTechCoach's main goals is to help you not only get more out of the technology you are already using, but to do it more securely. Our focus will be on practical security, trying to find that sweet-spot, balancing point on the security spectrum of solid security with ease of use. This won't be covered in a single article or review or recommendation, but will be an ongoing educational discussion we'll be having here.

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