Drobo 5N for storage and backup

I've been running a Windows Home Server for several years for centralized storage and backup of my PCs on my home and work network. Recently it had been getting flaky and finally had a serious failure requiring more work to recover than I was willing to give it (HP, you let me down). Consequently, I began searching for other options and settled on the Drobo 5N. Here are two videos showing the unboxing of the unit and the installation of the hard drives. I'll post two more videos focusing on the Drobo Dashboard shortly. 

I will use the Drobo for the same reasons I did Windows Home Server:

  • I have a lot of digital stuff and want to be able to access it from anywhere on my network.
  • Centralized storage of music and video for streaming to any device in my house / office.
  • Backup storage location for all my work and personal PCs.
  • Since much of this data is critical and irreplaceable, especially all our digital photos from the past 10+ years, I want solid redundancy in my centralized storage solution. 

Drobo is not the least expensive NAS (Network Attached Storage) option out there, but does have a solid track record and recommendations from many tech reviewers I trust. As time goes on our data isn't getting less important and I don't want to skimp on protecting it.

More later the Drobo Dashboard and my experience with the unit over time.  

Since I recorded this video I had one of the WD Green drives "fail" (more on this later) so have added and swapped out some drives so that now have 4 x 3TB WD Red and 1 x 2TB WD Green drives. I"ll replace the remaining Green drive when the budget allows.