Social Managers, how's your security?

Apologies for not keeping a post-a-day pace for the next week or two!

Thought I'd pass along this blog post from the fine folks at LastPass while I try to get back in the groove on my end. Lots going on simultaneously with your ProTechCoach, so my apologies if I can't quite keep up a post-a-day pace as I'd like. 

Some thoughts to prompt you to take the LastPass tips seriously:

  • To what level of security risk do you expose your clients in your security practices? Or would they be better characterized as mal-practices?
  • If an attacker hacks one account you control, at how many others could the attacker reuse those same credentials?
  • Can the attacker then lock you out of your and their accounts?
  • What value do your clients place on their reputation and how upset would they be to have it damaged?